Yours truly


Friday, 31 December 2010


 Let's hope this is our best year ever! Welcome to 2011 (That's Zol with two "els" for you die hard fans).

I just want to take these first few minutes to settle in and to make you feel comfy. Get yourself a cup of tea or a stiff drink. Put on some sweats or dancing shoes. It's time--GO FOR IT!

This is the place where there will be no limits of length or content. Anything can happen here. I reserve the right to edit your comments but I encourage you to be yourself. Let 'er rip.

My first post will come on January FIRST and will be related to the subject I've been writing about at Reviews and Reflections. But since I promised short bite size pieces there, I couldn't serve a really satisfying meal over there. I want to bring it all together and it may take some time. So really this little puppy has been designed just to finish that story. But hell, other stuff is likely to come up. So let's boogy. Dig?


  1. Dig it! I'm here & am your first follower! Cheryl C aka Lizzy F

  2. Yes you are Cheryl. And I knew and know Lizzy Frizzfrock is you. Who else could it be? Thanks for being the first. Hopefully we'll be joined soon by a few other brave souls. Let's Boogie!