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Friday, 7 January 2011

Pretty pictures

This may be my shortest post in history. It is just time to remove the ugliness of the last image. This is also the final blog post from me for a long time. Cheers, oh, and fractals are really cool

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

See you sometime

Hello there. One person left comments since this thing begun. Hi Cheryl.

Originally when I started talking about Maggie Fuller's essay I engaged a small debate between some female friends. I really didn't mean to start a cat fight because what interested me about the material was the spiritual relevance, not necessarily the feminine issue. Don't get me wrong, the implications and the state of affairs of a world dominated by a force which is clearly masculine and violent has significant ramifications for women. And women ARE they have a direct link to that force which balances nature's opposite--masculine energy.

It is understandable that the surface was scratched by the nail wearing set and even Maggie herself wanted to see women take their rightful place along with the pigs that were ruling the scene. Well, pigs still rule, unfortunately, but I certainly can't get enough readers to make sense of me trying anymore to make my point.

So when it all started for me, about half of the women (I think only one person actually read her essay and maybe most of them read the synopsis which I posted as kinds of cliff notes) felt strongly about feminism and half seemed to be content with us stuck in stagnant mode--true civil society be damned. One strong supporter knew all along that I was really interested in the underlying issue--I'll call it the logos of the matter. I think (though I'm not particularly well educated on these issues) that this particular group was getting hung up on the pathos. I think Margaret Fuller was pretty good with her use of ethos.

As it turns out we've come a long way with women's rights, though there is much more ground to cover. I think we've reached the point in evolution where we are probably suppose to be. It seems logical to me that it is impossible to be some place other than where we are. Does that mean we are where we need to be? Heavens no. But we're here, like it or not.

I'm bummed tonight because I think there is need for a good conversation and for progress to take place it will require that we engage. But obviously I don't have the goods. Noticing this is a frustration that I'm not equipped to overcome. I was prepared to lay out a game plan, to include prescriptions. But hell, I can pick up the phone to talk to Cheryl or my old friend. So this blog is sort of a silly thing.

That is me as Yoda. I thought everyone would be able to tell. But I've learned that people don't notice. I'm crumbled by that. That is the joke. Me talking to women as if I were a Guru serving a private heram puppy treats at the peak of their hunger. It is a joke within a joke actually. And now the joke is on me.

I'm out of here and won't spend much time on Facebook either. I really appreciate you few and sincerely thank you for your patronage. But it is quite obvious that I'm not a writer. If I were there would be readers.

Oh and one last thing. I don't think it is time for square blocks to be pushed through round holes. Not that I'm ahead of my time. Just that the pigs are winning.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

For Whom the Light Shines

You are a magnificent being my friend!

Before we investigate the less tangible "you," let's start with the wrapper. Every square inch of your skin has about 19 million cells. Across and through your whole body every hour, one BILLION cells must be replaced, which of course defines your body as something which never stays the same.

Our brain? Well it has a ridiculous number of neurons--100 Billion! Working in concert with our extraordinary brain, our eyes can distinguish between 500 shades of gray.

Nature has protected our bodies by making them amazingly durable and capable of withstanding much wear and tear. For instance, our thigh bones are stronger than concrete, even though the insides of all our bones are light and soft inside, composed of 75% water.

As fantastic as this body of ours is, have you spent much time looking for yourself inside it? I don't want to suggest you have or haven't spent the right amount of time in such an exercise, but for the sake of this article, I hope you don't mind if I play "fifty questions."

First where did you start looking? In your head? Behind your eyes? Interesting isn't it? When we look within, you'll notice it is still our eyes we use to "shine the light" back onto ourselves. And when you looked in from your eyes, did you find anything that looks like you? Was it your body? Can your body be inside you?

If you look in your brain, perhaps in your memory or in your synapses or in some other part of the gray matter (even if you can distinguish between five hundred different shades), were you there? And if you say, YES, ALL OF IT IS ME. Then I would ask, "What do you mean, All Of It?" All of the matter in your body? All the cells? Then who is looking? Are the cells looking at themselves?

And if you say, "No, of course not, cells don't have eyes and besides they would need the brain to analyze whatever it is they see, if they could SEE," then I would ask, "So WHO?"

You don't have to agree with me but it seems we are something else than our bodies. Which makes our bodies our "glove," or equipment. Now imagine this...

Nature seems to have equipped us with a biological mechanism (our body) which is nearly fathomless by design. Perhaps someday, humankind will make better machines, but for now we're rank amateurs in design skill compared to what nature has produced. For instance, the retina of our eye seems to process about ten one-million-point images per second.

Now, if this is our handy tool, for the "real" us to navigate our time on Earth with, imagine how much more we must be. For instance if we think of ourselves as our bodies and our houses and our cars as the tools for which we use as dwelling and transportation, do we often consider our houses and our cars as ourselves? As useful as they are, we wouldn't for a second think of these material objects as being connected to our bodies.

Before I can proceed with the points I want to make about the Divine Feminine and how the discovery of that "mysterious entry," into the source of our being will be the start and end to our destiny, the reader will be best served by settling comfortably into the notion that we are not our bodies but something else.

I'll leave this here for now and ask your forgiveness if this introduction is so utterly basic that you're embarrassed for me at the time I've taken to review it. But in closing I'll offer my warmest respect to you for your beauty and magnificence. I'm humbled and grateful to count you as an acquaintance. I'm driven to have these conversations because I think you and I have work to do. To help each other and all others claim our inheritance--the Earth.

I'll offer this adaptation of the magnanimous observation about the bell ringing when one of the villagers dies. For whom does the light shine? It shines for thee.