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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

See you sometime

Hello there. One person left comments since this thing begun. Hi Cheryl.

Originally when I started talking about Maggie Fuller's essay I engaged a small debate between some female friends. I really didn't mean to start a cat fight because what interested me about the material was the spiritual relevance, not necessarily the feminine issue. Don't get me wrong, the implications and the state of affairs of a world dominated by a force which is clearly masculine and violent has significant ramifications for women. And women ARE they have a direct link to that force which balances nature's opposite--masculine energy.

It is understandable that the surface was scratched by the nail wearing set and even Maggie herself wanted to see women take their rightful place along with the pigs that were ruling the scene. Well, pigs still rule, unfortunately, but I certainly can't get enough readers to make sense of me trying anymore to make my point.

So when it all started for me, about half of the women (I think only one person actually read her essay and maybe most of them read the synopsis which I posted as kinds of cliff notes) felt strongly about feminism and half seemed to be content with us stuck in stagnant mode--true civil society be damned. One strong supporter knew all along that I was really interested in the underlying issue--I'll call it the logos of the matter. I think (though I'm not particularly well educated on these issues) that this particular group was getting hung up on the pathos. I think Margaret Fuller was pretty good with her use of ethos.

As it turns out we've come a long way with women's rights, though there is much more ground to cover. I think we've reached the point in evolution where we are probably suppose to be. It seems logical to me that it is impossible to be some place other than where we are. Does that mean we are where we need to be? Heavens no. But we're here, like it or not.

I'm bummed tonight because I think there is need for a good conversation and for progress to take place it will require that we engage. But obviously I don't have the goods. Noticing this is a frustration that I'm not equipped to overcome. I was prepared to lay out a game plan, to include prescriptions. But hell, I can pick up the phone to talk to Cheryl or my old friend. So this blog is sort of a silly thing.

That is me as Yoda. I thought everyone would be able to tell. But I've learned that people don't notice. I'm crumbled by that. That is the joke. Me talking to women as if I were a Guru serving a private heram puppy treats at the peak of their hunger. It is a joke within a joke actually. And now the joke is on me.

I'm out of here and won't spend much time on Facebook either. I really appreciate you few and sincerely thank you for your patronage. But it is quite obvious that I'm not a writer. If I were there would be readers.

Oh and one last thing. I don't think it is time for square blocks to be pushed through round holes. Not that I'm ahead of my time. Just that the pigs are winning.


  1. I for one am very sorry to read this. You are a writer who can weave philosophy, fantasy,and wit together with great facility. Very rare.

    Your gifts far outweigh any shortcomings, but it's obvious that one shortcoming...a lack of patience...can destroy the many gifts.

    I ask tht you continue to write. Write for yourself. Write to communicate to those of us who want to read. Remember that 'no comments' doesn't mean 'no readership.'

    You often give us much to take in and so much to consider. For those like myself, it takes a lot of time. But like a rich meal that requires more time to digest, your words and your work nourish us in a rare and delicious way.

    Here's hoping for more feasts for the mind from you.

  2. Hear, hear Jo. Nice comment.
    Please don't despair at the lack of patronage, be patient. By the way, I am learning to meditate via the note you sent me on FB with the video connection. I must be patient because meditating takes time & practice.

  3. Thanks Jo and Cheryl. We shouldn't kid ourselves. You two are the readers. I can talk to you on the phone. There isn't a reason to write for a public that doesn't exist. I don't need to write for myself. I already spend too much time talking to myself--Ha!

    You two are delicious to me in every way. What cherished gifts you are! I am forever grateful. The facts remain. What I have to say isn't important right now to people. If it were there would be readers. Period. The lesson for now is really for me. To continue the self cultivation process. Jo you are well entrenched on the path to your greatest discovery. It is beautiful that you appreciate my words but they aren't necessary for you. At this point they are just frills or window dressing for you because you're already tapped in and the full force of the fountains are bubbling at your feet. Yes, more flow will come as obstructions are removed, but those tiny pebbles don't need me to be displaced.

    Cheryl--that is fantastic news about your meditation. I pray that it will nourish you in the same way that Jo and I have come to be nourished by the process. Stay with it and the gifts will astound you.

    I'll end this reply with the gist of where this theme would have gone.

    It is actually the meditation! It turns out that the spot that we go to (bear with me) when we "get empty" or "when ears are closed, nose is closed, eyes are closed, mouth is closed" IS THE DIVINE FEMININE!!!

    It is very hard to describe but just getting calm and "feeling groovy" isn't the point. The point is to reap the benefit which would have been defined originally by all religions As "having communion with God." But this isn't religious and certainly isn't about dogma.

    This is a revelation for our time. The actual process of dissolving ego, or even having full blown enlightenment requires that we tap into the point in our body which is a doorway to the underlying intelligence of the universe. That process or that actual door has been called many things. The Taoist called it the Sacred Feminine or the Mysterious Pass or they would describe the process as a firing in an oven to develop the spiritual embryo.

    This has opened a brand new approach to me. I always knew that our culture seems to be trapped in a culture which is mired down in what I called "excess Yang." And I've known for many years that we have neglected the Divine Feminine. But I thought of it more simply, as in being gentle as opposed to violent or "to nourish" instead of "to dissect."

    But the actual place (which is not located at a precise point and is very subtle) is the doorway. Through it our true progress will be revealed. And I'm not qualified to speak from absolute experience because my experience is also a work in progress, though I've spent many years on the path.

    So my intention was to explore this subject as a tool for others also to progress. And that is the folly. My desire for that to happen is something that is holding me back. I need to let go of that desire. If my help is every required, then it shall be asked for. My ego is at play and the time is for me to let go.

    As to both of you, your paths are lighted from within. As I mentioned in my personal note to you Cheryl, I think Jo would be honored to also be at your service. She's actually further along than I am in most ways.

    Thanks again for your kindnesses. Many blessings.